Phoenix Vocational Services

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Phoenix operates under a mission-based nonprofit status and provides an array of vocational rehabilitation services for people with disabilities. Programs within the Vocational Services division are CARF accredited.

Offered in 9 Alabama Counties

North Alabama Counties Map

Employs over 750 people with annual wages and benefits totaling over $36 Million

More than 400 jobs to people with disabilities through AbilityOne in six states

Partnership with ADRS since the 70s.

Our Vocational Services

Vocational Evaluation

To begin, Phoenix provides an assessment of a person’s vocational capacities in terms of knowledge, skills, and abilities. The assessment provides recommendations for employment, training, job/personal accommodations, or other rehabilitation services

Employee Development Services

Our Employee Development Services include individualized job readiness and/or work experience services that teach or modify work skills, behaviors, and attitudes. Phoenix provides intense support and training related to interpersonal skills and communication skills, attendance, work performance, physical stamina, work behaviors, hygiene, job retention skills, employer expectations, and workplace accommodations.

Job Development, Placement, and Coaching Services

Phoenix develops job opportunities for an individual that are consistent with his/her occupational knowledge, skills, and abilities. Upon placement, a professional follows up with the individual to assure the stability of their employment. Then, a job coach provides onsite training and supervision to ensure long-term success.

Milestones (Supported Employment)

To ensure consistency over time, a Phoenix professional supports an individual after placement by providing key milestones and measurements. This holds the individual accountable and helps them grow professionally.

Employee Support Services

Employee Support Services include case management, job coaching, employee assistance, reasonable accommodations, and training to employees working within Phoenix. Employee Support Services are offered in Alabama, location, location, etc.

Educational Services

Phoenix proudly offers a wide range of services to high school students. These services focus on career assessment, personal and vocational adjustment training, social skills, college preparation, drivers training, job exploration, and workplace readiness.

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