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Phoenix Welcomes Visiting Employees to Huntsville

During the week of June 5, coinciding with our two millionth flag celebration, Phoenix was honored to have three out-of-state staff members visit for various trainings, meet with government customers and joining in on our flag celebration ceremony. Sherry Florian is our Project Lead for Missile Defense Agency’s mailroom at Schriever Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, CO; Pete Newman is our Project Manager and Andre Phillips is our Assistant Project Manager for Missile Defense Agency’s custodial and mailrooms at both Ft. Belvoir, Virginia and Dahlgren Naval Base, Virginia.
Although Pete had been at Phoenix’s corporate offices before, this was Sherry’s and Andre’s first visit. They spent two days training with accounting, payroll, human resources, employee support services and vocational rehabilitation services in order to better support our employees at their respective locations, as well as our Missile Defense Agency customer. They were able to tour our facilities on Johnson Road, visit various locations at Redstone Arsenal, and meet several key staff members during their visit.
Their visit here was a great example of Phoenix’s team effort in supporting our employees and customers. Pete stated, “it was a great pleasure to see each and every employee-staff member, the visit was very informative, I got to learn what all of the staff member’s responsibilities are in detail, view the newly renovated headquarters and of course the Von Braun Complex. Last but not least it was a pleasure to see the great accomplishments of Phoenix employees and to know that the company is successfully growing. Overall my trip was as pleasant as usual; so thanks again for making me feel a part of the team.”
Sherry’s comments included, “I really enjoyed the visit. It was informative from a company perspective in regards to what the company stands for and how it serves the community, but more importantly, how Phoenix places such a high value of importance on their employees. Everyone we met was very helpful, humble and genuine. You can tell immediately that they truly care about what they do and believe wholeheartedly in the mission of Phoenix. Coming from a large corporation, it is very refreshing to experience that and it’s an honor to be part of such an amazing organization.”
Andre expressed, “I had no idea how big Phoenix really is and what all we do.” Below is a photo of Sherry, her husband Chris and daughters Taylor, Kaitlyn and Leigha, during their tour of the corporate offices, provided by Vice President of Government Services, Tim Stickley.