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Employee Spotlight: Bran Skipper

Bran Skipper

Phoenix employee Bran Skipper has pursued a lot of education in his life and career, which he credits to the influence of his parents.

“My dad has a doctorate, my mother was a teacher, so I’ve kind of had the (value of) learning hammered into me since the time I was born,” said Bran.

He has earned degrees in acquisition, procurement contract management, and logistics and supply chain management. Most recently he received a Master’s degree in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management because he said education opens more possibilities.

“I’ve really never been able to basically get out of entry-level much,” said Bran, who began his career at Phoenix in 2005. “What I’ve tried to do is (focus on) education because I know that will help with opportunities.”

In nearly two decades with the Phoenix Services Division on Redstone Arsenal, Bran has progressed from badge checker to supply clerk to his current position as an administrative assistant in grounds maintenance. He acknowledges Phoenix for helping jumpstart his career, particularly when he struggled to find employment after college.

Attention to Detail

Bran said his job requires a lot of attention to detail, which he added can sometimes be a challenge for him, but he doesn’t waiver.

“Because of disabilities, it’s tougher to pay attention, so as a result, I’ve had to work extra hard,” he said.
Phoenix recognized Bran with a distinguished service coin for the creation of the “Instant Office,” which streamlined the process for new employees to get their supplies.

“I took mental notes of the most common things people were using and I put them together in a box, and I called it ‘Instant Office.’ I had an attachment of everything in there so the employee could come and they look at that stuff and say, OK, I need this or I don’t need this. And they could get something out and put it back on the shelf or get something off the shelf and put it in.”

Bran’s “Instant Office” helped new employees get the supplies they needed in less time, from 20 minutes to just a few minutes. “Bryan Dodson (Phoenix President and CEO at the time) came out and gave that to me because it did a lot for them and got people on the jobs where their supervisor liked them versus standing in the supply room looking around.”

Don’t Give Up

Bran encourages people who might be struggling to find a career to keep trying and don’t give up. Just because something doesn’t work out today, he said, doesn’t mean something won’t work out tomorrow, so keep trying.

“You can find a job and do well in your career,” Bran encouraged. “You might have to work harder but just because you have the disability doesn’t mean you can’t do well.”

Bran’s dedication extends beyond the workplace, as he actively contributes to the community, supporting local Boy Scouts and veteran organizations.

“I’ve never been able to serve in the military; I was medically ineligible when I tried to join,” said Bran, “but I like to do what I can to support the military. I wrote and designed a retirement ceremony honoring our veterans of Madison County and our Gold Star veterans.

“Our country wouldn’t be here without our soldiers.”