Employee Spotlight: Bran Skipper

Bran Skipper

Phoenix employee Bran Skipper has pursued a lot of education in his life and career, which he credits to the influence of his parents. “My dad has a doctorate, my mother was a teacher, so I’ve kind of had the (value of) learning hammered into me since the time I was born,” said Bran. He […]

Employee Spotlight: Jennifer Richter

Jennifer Richter

Jennifer Richter’s journey has been marked by challenges, including struggles with addiction and loss. However, Jennifer’s determination to turn her life around has resulted in a remarkable transformation. During high school and college, Jennifer experimented with drugs and alcohol and described herself as a “functioning addict.” Jennifer graduated college, married, had a child, and embarked […]

Employee Spotlight: Al Caudle

Al Caudle

Known for his lightning-fast hands and attention to detail, Alandress “Al” Caudle has a reputation as one of the most skilled workers in Phoenix manufacturing division. His journey at Phoenix began on September 27, 1995, at the age of 19, when he started as a Material Handler in the flag department. Phoenix manufactures U.S. Interment […]

Employee Spotlight: Shannon Green

Ms. Wheelchair Alabama 2011 - Shannon Green

Shannon Green, one of Phoenix’s badge checkers on Redstone Arsenal, has been unable to walk since 2001. She doesn’t remember much, other than that she was in a horrible car accident. “I’m not exactly sure what happened,” Shannon said. “But I know the car flipped several times and when it came to a landing, I […]

Employee Spotlight: Charles Koeper

Charles Koeper with American flag

Most days Janice Caudle can be found at her desk – on the computer, working the phone or doing the important paperwork that keeps Phoenix’s manufacturing division on track. Ms. Caudle is the company’s long-time contracts administrator, which means that she works with Phoenix V.P. Wes Tyler to keep that division organized and profitable. But […]

Employee Spotlight: Donna Cowart

Las Vegas, Nevada is known to many as “Sin City.” But Donna Cowart wasn’t in Vegas this past February to gamble or enjoy any of the city’s other infamous pleasures. Donna, one of Phoenix’s HR specialists, was there to support the Special Olympics. Donna has been a Special Olympics volunteer for 10 years. She learned […]

Employee Spotlight: Andre Phillips

It’s not every day that a person earns a paycheck while doing good. But earlier this month Phoenix employee Andre Phillips did just that. Phillips is the assistant project manager for our Missile Defense Agency custodial and mail contracts at Ft. Belvoir and Dahlgren Naval base, both of which are in Virginia. A severe snow […]