Employee Spotlight: Bran Skipper

Bran Skipper

Phoenix employee Bran Skipper has pursued a lot of education in his life and career, which he credits to the influence of his parents. “My dad has a doctorate, my mother was a teacher, so I’ve kind of had the (value of) learning hammered into me since the time I was born,” said Bran. He […]

Employee Spotlight: Jennifer Richter

Jennifer Richter

Jennifer Richter’s journey has been marked by challenges, including struggles with addiction and loss. However, Jennifer’s determination to turn her life around has resulted in a remarkable transformation. During high school and college, Jennifer experimented with drugs and alcohol and described herself as a “functioning addict.” Jennifer graduated college, married, had a child, and embarked […]

Employee Spotlight: Al Caudle

Al Caudle

Known for his lightning-fast hands and attention to detail, Alandress “Al” Caudle has a reputation as one of the most skilled workers in Phoenix manufacturing division. His journey at Phoenix began on September 27, 1995, at the age of 19, when he started as a Material Handler in the flag department. Phoenix manufactures U.S. Interment […]